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Brigitte Ermel is an entrepreneur, gemmologist, and overall trailblazer in the small milieu of Parisian High Jewellery. In 1992, she establishes her eponymous Maison as well as her Atelier, the first High Jewellery workshop founded by a woman in Paris. Since then, the Breton designer and her talented team have been imagining and crafting bold, expressive, and sophisticated creations, in keeping with the demanding standards of French High Jewellery.
The creations of the Maison, each of them handcrafted in the rue Saint-Honoré Atelier in Paris, are reflections of Brigitte Ermel’s life and character: the studied volumes are audacious, generous, and yet balanced. The carefully selected gemstones are natural, striking, and rare, bringing life to the precious jewels. The stylised designs, symbolic and reminiscent, depict the beauty of raw natural forces, tell tales of journeys around the world, and serve as protective talismans.

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