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Logo HYT BLACK 1-11-2021
Returning to the very sources of the concept of the clepsydra and the passage of time, HYT’s designers wanted to apply a contemporary vision to it. It took more than ten years to develop fully the patented meca-fluidic technology owned by the Neuchâtel brand, established in 2012. That same year, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix) innovation prize rewarded the brand’s inventiveness. Sometimes described as the UFO watchmaker, HYT watches, with their style and enhancements, have brought a breath of fresh air to luxury watchmaking.
All the originality of HYT watches lies in the specific nature of this time indication: no classic hands, but instead the observation of the movement of the two fluids. The perfect circulation of the fluids in microcapsules or “capillary tubes”, at the boundary between the micromechanical and chemical realms, gives HYT its uniqueness and originality: the first and only meca-fluidic watch.

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