St Barts : the french caribbean diamond

Discover St Barts

St. Barth, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and named after his brother, Bartolomeo, is often considered as the most beautiful island in the Caribbean.

Located in the northern end of the chain of islands that make up the Lesser Antilles, St Barths is famous for its 14 white sand beaches, its crystal-clear sea, a wide range of restaurants offering an exquisite gastronomy and fashionable boutiques, reminding the visitors they’re in France.

Perfect destination for luxury travel in the West Indies, St Barths is blessed by a heavenly average temperature of 82° F in winter and 86 °F in summer, and an environment as peaceful, welcoming and private as it is beautiful.


Gustavia is the main town, a busy port home to sailing yachts and stylish shops. The town has hints of its 18th century Swedish history in a wooden Anglican church and of course its name, (after King Gustav III) while pink roofs, shuttered windows and clapboard facades retain the charming authentic character.

Colonized in the 17th century, St Barth offers an easy way of life and a rich heritage.

With a rich wildlife (iguanas, sea turtles, bright hummingbirds, swooping pelicans and the fishes around the coral reefs), all-year-long events and unparalleled atmosphere, St Barth is truly a gem that still deserves to be discovered.